About Pullmantur

Our Company

Pullmantur Cruceros is the only company in the market that offers a personalized, flexible proposal tailored to the way each of our guests travels, and committed to the Spanish/Latino lifestyle.

We are a company made up of enthusiastic, attentive and committed people; who enjoy taking care of the details that enable guests to enjoy every moment. Our crew -- the very heart of Pullmantur Cruceros – have won the Excellence Award for nine consecutive years.

With a fleet of four vessels, we navigate a wide range of itineraries that cover the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Arabian Seas, as well as seas in northern Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.

We have launched Pullmantur Cruceros Exclusive Destinations. Dreams that become journeys, a sub-brand with routes that invite guests to experience intense holidays, enjoying the destinations to their full in an unforgettable way.

The following itineraries fall under this umbrella: Expedition to the British Islands; Secret Places of the Mediterranean; Israel, Greece and ancient cultures and Dubai and Legends of Arabia.

Pullmantur cruceros, cruises the way we are.

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