Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Cecilio Espíritu and Syamsul Arifin

Celebrating many years of service, friendship, and success. Cecilio and Syamsul have known each other for many years. Even though one works in the galley as a sous chef and the other one is a quartermaster, they see each other onboard often and enjoy being part of the same larger team. They have both been with Pullmantur for many years and they are both extraordinary people.

After working for years onboard cargo ships and other cruise lines, Cecilio Espiritu – from the Philippines- joined Pullmantur back in 1999, when, before having its own fleet, our company chartered the Seawind Crown for its first ever cruise venture. As Cecilio describes, "It can be said that I have been with Pullmantur since before the beginning". Today he is a sous chef, in charge of a team of culinary professionals. "I never thought I would come so far. Pullmantur has been my school and is like my second home", he adds.

Syamsul Arifin – from Indonesia- is also a Pullmantur veteran, who joined our company in June 2001. As a quartermaster, he greets our guests when they go in and out of the ship and spends the rest of the time on the bridge, "with the great bridge family", as he calls them. "After being onboard for so many years, you get to know a great number of officers because you meet them time and time again. I feel very at ease", he says.

When asked if things have changed over the years, Syamsul replies "Yes, a lot! At the beginning there were only Spanish passengers, but little by little guests from other nationalities started coming too. This means the company is growing and is becoming well-known". "You can tell that we are growing in allaspects, which is good for the new people and also for those who have been here for a long time" adds Cecilio.

We are grateful to Cecilio and Syamsuland – and all our extraordinary crew members-for making our success possible through their dedicated service.